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    Reduced-Cost Therapy Services in Pennsylvania

    Benefits of working with Masters level associates and Psychologists-In-Training

    Are you struggling with your mental health? Are you uncomfortable with the cost of therapy yet want to give it a try?

    We might have just the solution you need. At CW Psychological Services, near Philadelphia, PA, we offer sliding-scale or reduced-cost therapy services through our associate-level clinicians and psychologists-in-training.

    Nervous about working with someone who hasn’t completed training? We understand completely. It can be uncomfortable to think about receiving care from a counselor or therapist who has not yet completed all their training. That is why we are here to answer your questions and tell you about some of the many benefits of receiving care from a clinician-in-training.

    Less Strain on Your Wallet

    Your mental health is as important, if not more, as your physical health. Receiving care for mental health struggles is an investment in your wellbeing and your life. But, we understand that everyone’s financial situations are a bit different and not all insurances cover therapy services.

    Receiving care from a counselor or psychologist who is in training allows you to obtain the care you need without hurting your wallet. Therapists-in-training aren’t yet responsible for office fees, taxes, licensure fees, and other business expenses that fully licensed mental health professionals have, allowing them to accept less.

    Enhanced Support and Guidance to Assist in Your Healing

    At CW, our associate-level interns have already obtained their Master’s degree and are working towards their licensure either as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or Psychologist. Our psychologists-in-training are currently enrolled in doctoral programs and have completed a minimum of 15 graduate credit hours, some also hold a Master’s degree.

    While working with you, they are receiving support and guidance from other seasoned, licensed professionals. The interns are being supervised weekly by licensed professional counselors, clinical social workers, and/ or psychologists in individual and group supervision sessions. You will meet with each supervisor during your intake process and throughout treatment so you and the supervisor are familiar with each other. You will also be given the supervisor’s contract information as a second line of communication should you feel the clinician-in-training is not able to address your concerns. It is like you are receiving care from several people instead of just one. As part of this supervision, your clinician-in-training can firmly support you through your journey of growth and healing. You are receiving their utmost attention and care, as well as care from other trained professionals.

    This can be a very valuable time for both the clinician and client. The additional support they are receiving outside of sessions with you, means you are getting additional support, too.

    A Fresh Perspective

    There are benefits to both the seasoned clinician and the one directly out of school. A clinician who is fresh out of the classroom has a wealth of knowledge about clinical theories and practices, supervision, and their intuitive approach. It is fresh in their minds, and their hearts. They also have a lack of expectation of what “should” or “should not” happen to help you heal and foster growth. The newness and fresh perspective offer an environment that fosters creativity in problem-solving. Together you can determine what will work best with your life and move forward in your future.

     What to Expect

    Therapy sessions with a clinician-in-training are very similar to sessions with a fully licensed professional.

    Sessions generally take place one-on-one in an office, or online, setting. They may be recorded with audio or visual devices at times or have live observation and/or collaboration with the supervisor present. If this happens you will be told ahead of time and all recordings will be treated with the utmost respect and privacy protection. These recordings and/or observations are merely so the clinician can be supervised. Recordings are deleted immediately after review. You have the right to refuse the recording of any and all sessions.

    Once the clinician completes training, they may choose to end sessions and move on to a different environment. In which case, they will give ample warning and referral options. We will do our very best to reduce the impact this change has on you and oftentimes hire clinicians in training into licensed clinician roles at the practice.

    We Want to Help

    At CW, we currently have several clinicians-in-training that are available to help you heal and grow. Some are Master’s level associate clinicians while others are psychologists-in-training. They offer an empathic, open, compassionate, welcoming, client-centered environment. They specialize in helping clients struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, complex trauma, mood disorders, and LGBTQ+ challenges, among other things.

    Meet Our Associate Level Clinicians