• COVID-19

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    Dear Valued CW Psychological Services Partner,

    We are writing this message to you in light of the recent move to a mitigation phase within Montgomery County, PA due to COVID-19 and concerns which have been voiced and heard by our team. Your health and wellbeing, as well as that of our treatment team, is our absolute first priority. CW Psychological Services is also deeply committed to your continued care and we will make every effort to ensure that your progress and treatment are not limited by the current or future state of COVID-19. We believe the actionable middle path that prioritizes both physical health and therapeutic treatment is for therapy sessions to continue via telehealth. We are very fortunate to have access to excellent, user-friendly, HIPAA compliant telehealth platforms and look forward to utilizing this resource to continue your care.

    Beginning Monday, March 16th, CW Psychological Services location will be CLOSED and all sessions will be administered virtually via telesupport options.

    We expect these changes to remain in effect until, minimally, Monday, March 30th. We will closely monitor CDC and Department of Health recommendations when considering appropriateness of reopening our location. If you already have an appointment scheduled with your therapist please plan to attend that appointment as scheduled via telehealth.

    Our practice uses Jituzu for virtual sessions. You will be getting a request to join the Client Portal through Jituzu which you will need to be logged into in order to view and attend your upcoming videoconference. The portal will also have a consent form for telehealth therapy that will need to be completed prior to your initial telehealth appointment. Once in the portal you can click on the Videoconference option and the video page will pop up (Popups must be enabled on the browser). You can then click on Preview My Camera and then on Join. You can also access videoconference through the Jituzu mobile app. Accessibility to telehealth only requires internet and can be done from any computer, tablet or Jituzu mobile app from a phone that has a camera and microphone. For additional instructions regarding Telehealth Instructions please go here: Telehealth Instructions. For instructions regarding setting up your Client Portal please go here: Client Portal Setup. If you do not have access to the above resource(s), please reach out to your therapist to discuss other treatment options, such as a telephone appointment. Should you have any scheduling questions or concerns, please connect directly with your CW Psychological Services therapist or call and/or text the office at (610) 308-7575.

    We encourage you to gather information about COVID-19 directly from reliable sources. For more information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC’s website at www.cdc.gov/coronavirus.

    In closing, we certainly recognize that the spread and continued unfolding of COVID-19 can feel alarming. We would like to reassure you that we are not making this decision in any sort of panic. To our knowledge, no one on our team or any clients that have been present in the CW Psychological Services office have, or have known exposure, to COVID-19. We are simply exercising our responsibility as a community group to make an objective, mindful decision that will benefit and protect you, our team, and all of the community members that we come in contact with. We are thinking of the elderly, the immunocompromised, those with underlying conditions, all health and service providers, as well as, larger structural systems. We certainly understand this news and the entire experience may be triggering, resulting in many emotions. Please show yourself and others patience and compassion. There is no wrong way to feel right now. It is important for us to mitigate hysteria and remain informed. Coronavirus is serious, and also, there are precautionary measures that are undeniably effective in reducing the viral spread: Handwashing, not touching your face, avoiding large crowds & social distancing are included.

    We are here to support you. Please take care of yourselves, and by doing so, know that we are all taking care of each other.

    Dr. Christina Wohleber, Psy.D