• Exploring Parenting Challenges by Age

    Whether your child is an infant, a preteen, or a full-fledged adult, you may be overwhelmed and in need of parenting tips. Here are just a few examples of challenges that parents commonly face as their children grow up:

    • Infants (0 to 1) – Infancy is typically the most physically demanding stage for parents. It can be difficult to keep up with regularly feeding, burping, and bathing a baby on such little sleep, especially if the child is fussy.
    • Toddlers (1 to 3) – Once children enter the toddler stage, they usually begin exhibiting more behavior issues, such as refusing certain foods and throwing tantrums.
    • Preschool- and school-aged children (3 to 9) – Many children at this age lack the focus and organizational skills needed to keep up with homework assignments and chores on their own.
    • Preteens (9 to 13) – As children enter the “tween” stage, they often begin craving independence, choosing to hang out with their friends rather than their families. They also start to care more about what others think of them, which can lead to issues with self-confidence. Many children also begin puberty around this age.
    • Teenagers (13 to 18) – Children often start becoming interested in romantic relationships around this age, which may lead to conflicts if they don’t agree with their parents about dating partners, clothing, makeup, curfews, and driving privileges. Teenagers may also start learning more about alcohol and drugs.
    • College-aged children (18 to 22) – For children who opt to move out of the house and go away to school, this will likely be the first time that they’ve spent a significant amount of time away from their parents. Children may be homesick, while parents might be worried about their child’s well-being.
    • Adults (22+) – As children enter the workforce, get married, and move away, parents may disagree with their decisions or start questioning how they fit into their child’s new life.

    Get Some Helpful Parenting Tips

    If you’re having a difficult time managing your child’s behavior, you could benefit from speaking to a therapist who specializes in effective parenting. Contact us today to request an appointment.