• Armando Duvoli, Psychologist in Training, MA (He/Him)

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    I am a Clinical Psychology Graduate Student at Chestnut Hill College; my specialty is in LGBTQ+ affirmative care. My work with clients focuses on the exploration of past and present to help others better understand themselves and their lived experiences. I am particularly passionate about queer lifestyles, affirmative treatment, and empathetic solutions to everyday problems. I love to work with couples and individuals. In my education, I have focused primarily on LGBTQ+ informed care, trauma, and addiction.

    My joy in therapy is helping others find themselves and learn to appreciate and even love the person they find in the process. I support my clients so that they can grow and better appreciate themselves and others. My style and practice are focused on empathy, self-exploration, and warmth. When working with my clients, I prioritize a safe, accepting, emotionally supportive, and nurturing environment. Digging into past experiences can be especially difficult, and vulnerability takes courage. For clients to receive the best care, it is essential to cultivate a safe and supportive environment. My goal in treatment is to allow for a safe environment for every patient I see.

    I am a proud member of the Rainbow Forum in my graduate program, which dedicates itself to providing fellow graduate students with essential treatment knowledge when serving queer individuals. Importantly, no matter who you are or how you may live your life, it is crucial to live in a way that is true to yourself. I know from my own experiences in the queer community and learning from queer folks in my education and career that self-love and self-acceptance are essential. I hope that I can help to foster that self-love and self-appreciation in the clients I see.

    Ultimately, I believe in radical self-acceptance, self-love, and self-care. Learning to care for and appreciate yourself is a long journey, and the road is often paved with challenges. Having to face these challenges can be exhausting, but afterward, you will find a joy that you may not have ever thought possible. Going from your worst enemy to your greatest ally is a healing experience, and I hope to help all my patients make that transition. That’s why I hope you reach out and connect with us at CW Psychological Services. The road is difficult, but it does not need to be traveled alone.

    My therapeutic approaches are:

    • Psychodynamic
    • Systems


    • Rainbow Forum (Leadership)


    • Psychologist in Training
    • Armando is currently working under the direct supervision of Dr. Christina Wohleber, Licensed Psychologist, to increase his areas of expertise in treatment for complex trauma, mood disorders, and working with the LGBTQ+ population among other skills.