• Fred Bernard, Post Doctoral Psychology Resident (He/Him)

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    I specialize in treating clients with depression, anxiety, autism, stress-induced medical problems, and schizophrenia. I have also worked with people with mood and personality disorders, substance use concerns, and extensive histories of trauma. My work with this wide range of clients has convinced me that all behaviors, symptoms (including many medical symptoms), thoughts, and feelings- no matter how distressing they can be or how puzzling they may appear to others and even oneself- are rich in meanings that can be explored and understood.

    I believe that therapy is a healing process through which such an exploration takes place. It helps clients understand how they relate to themselves and others and indicates possibilities for new ways of being, thereby allowing them to live more fully and freely. I facilitate this process by creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere in which no topic if off limits and respect for the client’s autonomy is paramount. I maintain a willingness to be curious about and invested in whatever they bring into the therapy session. It is through a shared and intentional focus on what is brought into therapy that profound, transformative understanding develops.

    While most of my experience has been in providing psychodynamic psychotherapy, I have training in cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing, and other treatment models, and I believe that each individual deserves an approach that is tailored to their own needs. If you find yourself stuck, lost, dissatisfied, or hurting, schedule a consult with me. It would be my honor and privilege to help you.

    My therapeutic approaches are:

    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Mindfulness-based Therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Play Therapy
    • DIR Floortime
    • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
    • Psychodynamic Therapy


    • Postdoctoral fellow working under the supervision of Dr. Christina Wohleber, Psy.D. (Licensed Clinical Psychologist)